The Best Travel Instagrams To Follow For Major Wanderlust

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A brilliant Instagram travel account can do so much; as well as giving you all the inspo for your next vacay destination, a well-executed travel blogger can give you practical tips on what to pack, where to avoid, the unbeaten paths to take, and how to see somewhere like a local.

I’m a travel junkie myself and since coming back from doing a grown-up gap year (if you’re interested you can read all about the amazing hostels I stayed in, here) I’ve been trying to satisfy my wanderlust via some major Instagram stalking. The influencers I follow are literally living the dream: think sun-drenched infinity pools, first class travel and crystal clear tropical oceans.

As I’m double-tapping these accounts not only do I feel hugely envious (who wouldn’t rather be on a permanent holiday, amirite?) but I’m inspired, too. Alongside the perfect flat-lays and bikini poses that would make the Hadids re-think their vacay social strategy, is a whole lot of inspiration. There’s the Australian mum who’s travelling with her adorable seven-year-old daughter in what looks like the most fun trip ever, the woman who quit her corporate city job to travel and the girl who’s literally eating her way around the world.